Clients say

“Even people who always said they didn't want to make reservations use it. Moreover, I sell a lot more individual lessons with AppyBee. It works very easily and gives you a lot of clarity.”

Yvonne van Beelen


"I have been using AppyBee for over 2 years, have doubled my clients and save 5 to 10 hours a week in planning and administration thanks to AppyBee.”

Christopher Stalenburg

Staal Vitaal

"With AppyBee you have direct contact with your clients. Is a lesson cancelled due to circumstances? Then they know immediately. Perfect. And because clients who register pay immediately, payments are much easier.

Total Training Center
Mike Winter

Total training center

“The number of course participants has doubled. I have more peace of mind. And I have more time for other things and the children.”

Juf Suus Yoga en Pilates
Suzanne Brinkhorst

Juf Suus

“Within one day people could book with us. It is a fantastic system. We are very proud and happy with it.”

Sportcentrum Brothers
Andy Westzaan


“Before I used AppyBee, I had to arrange a lot of things manually. Now everything is automated. That saves a lot of time and stress.”

MVS PT & Workouts
Miranda van Spijk

Juf Suus

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